Adam Steinberger

Adam Steinberger

President & Chief Executive Officer
+1 518-217-5173
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I’m the President and CEO of Akmazio.  We’re a small software company based in Albany, NY and we take care of your small business’s technology pain points so you the small business owner can focus on your bottom line. We’ll help you get more traffic to your website so you can get more leads, build capital and grow your business.

We offer the following services:

  1. Your first month will include:
    • Purchasing Your Domain Name
    • Creating Your Website
    • Creating Your Blog
    • Creating Email Addresses
    • Setting Up VoIP Phone Numbers
    • Setting Up Social Media Accounts
    • Setting Up Email Marketing
    • Implementing Secure Password Management
  2. From that point forward your services will include:
    • Continuous Improvement of Your Website
    • Backend Technology Maintenance
    • Security Monitoring and Defense

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